Sunday, January 24, 2010

Recognise also right to freedom from religion

Despite the broad picture given by the recent Allah word rows, not all Malaysians are religionists. Some of them are traditional atheists and agnostics, while others, theists without religious affiliation. I have to admit or confess that I have met agnostics and also atheists who lead more upright, purposeful and meaningful lives than many religionists. Moreover, many of these people keep and manage their families with very great sense of parental responsibility as well as ethical integrity. An inclusive society for all its people should, therefore, recognize not only the basic right to freedom of religion but also that from religion. Atheists, agnostics and theists without religious affiliation should be welcome to participate more openly and actively in public discussions to share their perspectives on public policies which they have stakes. Religionists who are self-confident in their respective belief-systems would never deny the democratic right to freedom of expression and speech of atheists, agnostics and theists without religious affiliation.

Invite Karen Armstrong to M'sia for talk again


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