Monday, January 04, 2010

Encyclopedia Britannica clear on 'Allah' word

Encyclopedia Britannica, the most well-known, authoritative and also respected source of general knowledge in the English-speaking world, is fairly clear: " Allāh is the standard Arabic word for 'God' and is also used by Arab Christians as well as by Muslims". The KL High Court is, therefore, correct in the judgement delivered by Justice Lau Bee Lan. As the entire English-speaking world is well-informed on the legal and political case in Malaysia in this era of Google News, as well as other forms of mass communication, it is also observing the Appeal closely. ( No major English- speaking and Christian- majority countries in the world on earth has ever attempted to legalise the state-ownership of the word ' God' and prohibited or restricted the use of it by Muslims ). The Arabic-speaking universe is most probably quietly amazed by the obscurant passion or zeal of some saudara-saudari baru at the fringe.


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