Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Invite Karen Armstrong to M'sia for talk again

I think it is time to invite Karen Armstrong ( above ) to visit Malaysia again and to share her deep thoughts on the Allah word row. She was here in June 2007 to talk on The Role of Religion in the 21st Century. There is, in my own opinion, also a pressing need for her books to be translated into the Malay language to facilitate inter-faith multilogue and to enrich the Malay- language discourse with more rational ideas about other faiths, like Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism or Sikhism. Although trained as a Catholic nun, Armstrong is fairly knowledgeable about other religions and her views on Islam is relatively enlightened. I am now reading her book titled Buddha ( New York, Penguin, 2001 ).

Sikhs & 3 Muslim positions on 'Allah' word use