Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Enrichment of Malay language in 21st century

It is quite obvious now that there is a fairly real and pressing need to translate more great books and world- historic ideas from all over the planet, including literature and also philosophy, into Malay in order to further enrich and enhance the national language in the 21st century. The Malay language must serve to free, and not to shackle the minds of those who are not privileged enough to receive tertiary educations at universities in Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand and the US. Also, for Malay to be the psychologically common or national language for all the people, it has to be 'de-communalised' and 'de-religionised'. Many ancient languages have declined in popular usage or completely vanished because they could not meet the demand of societies for an increasingly wider range of useful knowledge and human experiences. Languages that continue to thrive despite many changes on earth are marked by their willinness and capability to incorporate scientific and technological progress as well as to include the diversity of the users' social, political and economic interaction and experience with others.

Invite Karen Armstrong to M'sia for talk again