Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chinese in KT also care about national issues

As the very heated Kuala Terengganu by-election is a BN-PR contest for the parliamentary seat, most of the folks I met and chatted with in the one-street 'Chinatown' were also quite concerned with politics at the national level. Some even strongly opined that UMNO has not sincerely learned the lesson from the last general election, and there is a need to teach it once again for the progress of the entire nation. There are also some Chinese in Kuala Terengganu who are Christians.

Voices from 'Chinatown' in Kuala Terengganu


Blogger Sans said...

2 interesting articles I have come across.

Article 1

The article above (last paragraph on the 2nd has more details), indicates there is a network of companies in Malaysia aiding Iran to get banned US technology.

Article 2

In a rather longish article in the New York Times, I came across a reference to a Malaysia company, the Malaysian Smelting Co. this is a company listed on the KLSE but it looks like the majority shareholders are Singaporeans.

The relevant page is below.

on the 2nd last paragraph on this page, it implies that Malaysian Smelting Company is buying Tin from international brokers who source from the conflict zone in Congo.

the exact extract is :-

The flights land in Goma, the provincial capital, where other middlemen buy and process the ore for export. Alexis Makabuza’s Global Mining Company is one of these buyers. Amid the sorting and cleaning equipment of his rudimentary processing plant sit dozens of barrels of tin ore. On each is stenciled the address of Malaysian Smelting Company Berhad, a major tin smelter. Mr. Makabuza said he sold to the company via a minerals broker.

Further reference to Malaysian companies buying tin from warlords in the Congo is here from the BBC

The extract from the BBC article is below :-

Located predominantly in India, China, Malaysia and Thailand, these smelters sell tin to component manufacturers.

So while Malaysian Smelting Co buys from an international broker, it can request that they not source from Congo. If you read the entire article you will realise that buying these ore’s are only lining the pockets of these warlords and destabilising the country.

I e-mailed the company but they have not replied. I would have not replied too in similar circumstances.

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