Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fair-dinkum spirit of mutual help in Australia

Although the Australian society is well-known for a very long time for civic -mindedness, there are also reportedly some rogues and crooks who take advatange of the emergency situation in the flood-hit area to steal and loot. On the whole, the fair-dinkum spirit of mutual help and neighbourly solidarity still prevail among the people Down Under. Superstitious speculations and rumours have fairly limited audiences among Australians, who are a sophisticated, mature and thinking lot. However, it is difficult to say for sure if there are - or there are not - 'ideas' in the vast cyberspace that flood hits Australia because it is a Christian-majority country or it has 'strayed' from the 'true' message for its people celebrate Christmas, which has its origin in 'paganism'.

Selfless deed of Jordan Rice humbles all of us