Friday, January 21, 2011

Promote English language with positive spirit

One sure way for a language not to be loved is for its promoters to be perceived or felt to be always boostful or /and condescending. A good language teacher is usually bi-lingual with deep knowledge not only of the language he or she teaches, but also that which his or her student communicates with parents and siblings in the daily life of the family. A monolingual Cambridge or Oxford professor in English language and literature may not be a good English teacher for rural youths in Spain. 'Promoting' English in English-language media is really not that smart, and denigrading users or learners of non-English languages in English-language media is certainly fairly counter-productive to the objective of making English loved by even more peoples, especially children and youths with diverse religio-cultural backgrounds, as a friendly and sill useful language in the accelerating process of economic globalisation.

History of La Sallean schools in M'sia & S'pore