Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Observations on cultural continuity & change

In one sense, Chinese New Year celebration is an annual exhibition of the cultural heritage of the Chinese people. Meanwhile, it should also be remembered that many feudal elements of the 'old' and traditional culture that had existed for hundreds of years as 'law of heaven', 'like footbinding and family-arranged marriage, have happily disappeared. Nowadays, grown-up women are free to move around in public places without the company of their fathers, husbands or other elderly male relatives. 'All levels and fields of education are open to both genders. For all these truly revolutionary changes in the last ten decades or so, tribute has to be paid to progressive authors, 'like Lu Xun and Ba Jin. The impact of the renewal of intellectual interest in the development of science and technology since the early 20 th century has also been accelerating the 'process of change' in the sphere or realm of culture. Now, there is no more restorationist movement in the Chinese world.