Friday, January 28, 2011

Stereotyping people from Saudi Arabia wrong

There are indeed very bad people in Saudi Arabia, but stereotyping or sweeping (mis)characterisation of all Saudi Arabian nationals and, for that matter, Muslims, is still unacceptable to any progressive society. It is admittedly trite but it still has to be re-iterated often eough that there are always very good, not-so-good, not -so-bad as well as really bad people in all societies on earth, whatever their systems of belief. Like all other parts of this world, Saudi Arabia is also occasionally hit by unmasterable forces of nature , like torrential rain and sandstorm. There are also records of tragic and deadly stampede in Saudi Arabia. While it is expected that the economy of the oil -rich Sunni monarchy will grow by 4.2 % this year, its unemployment rate has reached 10 %.

Filipino workers suffer abuses in Saudi Arabia