Saturday, February 28, 2009

MB Nizar wins hearts & minds of folks in Ipoh

Last Saturday, I visited some organic inhabitants in Ipoh' s New Town and found out from Taiko Hoong and his wife Ah Ching that MB Nizar is now the most respected Malay in Ipoh, and if he contests in one of the electoral constituencies within Ipoh, he could defeat any Chinese or Indian candidates from the National Front. Asked what if MB Nizar fights Zambry in Ipoh ? Ah Ching said : "Sambi sure lose deposit one". It was only less than a year ago that Taiko Hoong worried whether his xxxx would be potong under a new government headed by a PAS man. Indeed, as Uncle Krisnan has articulated very succintly, true relations between leaders and people can only be premised on self-respect and mutual respect and respect from other cannot be demanded by force.

Defending good values for future generations


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