Monday, February 28, 2011

Turkey still hopes & strives to be EU member

Turkey is reportedly being confronted with Franco-German resistance to its bid to join the European Union . Meanwhile, the United Nations' Security Council has unanimously decided to impose sanction against Libya in spite of Turkey's contrarian position as taken by PM Erdogan. Amid the widespread unrest now engulfing the Arab -speaking Middle East and North Africa, Turkish -speaking Turkey offers itself and also seen by others as a modern and democratic Muslim-majority country. But , there is a concern in Western societies over alleged violation of human rights in the treatment of the ethnic minority Kurds in Turkey. Countries in Turkey's regional neighbourhood are also wary of what is said to be its 'neo-Ottomanism' or a national ambition which seeks to revive the glory of its imperial past in terms of geopolitical influence. Although Sunni-predominated, Turkey has been a republic since 1923. Within the Muslim world, the position of women is certainly far more progressive and also advanced than that in monarchical Saudi Arabia.

America & Turkey differ over Libya sanctions


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I suppose one can read better structured articles with more insight at Asia Times, such as this one

And what about the impact of the Arab uprising on US interests in the region? That would be crucial.

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