Friday, February 03, 2012

Malaysia reacts to drop of interest in science

Reportedly, 'the Federal Cabinet is concerned over the critical drop of interest in science and is attempting to find ways and means to solve the problem. 'Whether the efforts would be felt, 'imagined or claimed in some quarters as yet another Jewish/Zionist conspiracy or Marxist-'Leninist plot to undermine their belief-system is yet to be observed. As for Malaysians whose mindsets are positive, 'we should contribute more ideas for the revival of interest in science among younger ones. Our media, 'whether mainstream or alternative, 'should provide more platforms for scientists and science teachers to present analyses and views on current affairs 'with scientific and technological dimensions to stimulate public or societal interest in science in real'-life settings. Certainly, time and tide waits for no man in this fast-changing world.