Saturday, February 19, 2011

Egypt : Iran's frigates can use Suez for transit

Like it or not, Iran has obtained official permission from the Egyptian defence ministry for its warships to pass through, the Suez Canal and into the Mediteranean Sea for the first time in 32 years. Israel is not happy about it and reportedly regards it as an act of "provocation" on the part of Iran. America, which is the leading member of NATO, has reportedly said that it would monitor the movement of Iran's frigates. Now, it is pretty clear that there is a geostrategic calculation in Iran's open support for the Arab revolts in the Middle East and North Africa. The European and Israeli fear of an Iran-style or pro-Iran government in post-Mubarak Egypt is not entirely baseless from their perspective. Of course, it would be foolhardy for Iran to underestimate the West's willingness and capability to defend Israel against existential threats.

Britain shares American concern over Bahrain


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