Monday, February 20, 2012

Another main point for studies of Middle East

Besides the 'continuities and changes 'in the Middle East, 'there exist also the similarities as well as many differences between the Muslim-predominant societies and states in the Middle East on one hand and those in other regions and'/'or sub-regions of the world, on the other. It is important for students in the area of interest to ask and answer the question': what are the factors that account for the differences ? Like it or not, 'the state of flux in the Middle East is going to impact, in various ways, 'on the rest of the world in several decades to come. For example, the increasingly hostile relationship between Israel and Iran has put India, 'which keeps ties with both, in a difficult position. An emerging ''Cold War'' in the Middle East could also impact on India through its tumultuous neighbours, namely Afghanistan and Pakistan.