Tuesday, March 01, 2011

No cause for optimism for post-Gaddafi Libya

There is an interesting observation that the tricoloured flag waved so passionately by anti-Gaddafi protestors or demonstrators, armed and unarmed, in disorderly Libya these days is the symbol of monarchical Libya. The former crown prince is still around , as he is also reported to be watching the situation very closely. Like it or not, the future of post-Gaddafi Libya is far from clear and certain because it could be a period of, (a) people-centered democratisation as normally idealised, or (b) monarchical or royal restoration, or (c) warlordism in a process of national disintegration, leading to the territorial breakup of Libya. Obviously, many heavy weapons as well as small firearms have fallen into the hands of people with very different values and also interests.

Geostrategic dimensions of upheaval in Bahrain


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