Wednesday, February 08, 2012

M'sian drop of interest in science widespread

Interest in science 'has critically declined not only 'at the tertiary level of education, but also secondary schools in Malaysia. 'Besides the real need to understand why many youths are not interested in the studies of science subjects, 'it is also very necessary for educators of science and concerned citizens to know 'why some other love it 'and also have chosen to pursue it at their secondary and tertiary stages of learning. Certainly, 'all earthly phenonmena and trends have to be examined or studied scientifically 'from both its negative and positive dimensions. As the lack of or decline in interest in science is always multifactorial all over the world in different times in history, 'there is, therefore, a need for an interdisciplinary approach to find a more holistic remedy. In other words, 'the current trend in Malaysia is not as simple or one-dimensional as " English-or-Malay ? " '('as the medium of instruction').