Monday, February 27, 2012

Enlglish-language books on changes in Europe

The French Revolution in 1789 opened up a new chapter in the history of Europe. Why '? 'What were the cumulative causes of the upheaval '? what were the immediate triggers '? 'Who wanted it and who did not '? What were the intended or unintended consequences '? 'What were its impacts on other countries in Europe and the world ? David Thomson's Europe Since Napolean ( London, Penguine, 1966 ) offers some pretty powerful insights into the 'actions and reactions in the historic event. Professor Eric Hobsbawn's The Age of Revolution: 1789-1848 analyses the period of upheaval' in modern Europe from a Marxist perspective. Hobsbawn, 'who remarked at a recent BBC interview on the economic crisis that "'capitalism has nothing to do with responsibility'" and it is only concerned with growth and making profit, also authored The Age of Capital: 1848'-'1875 as well as The Age of Empire: 1875'-'1914. His new book is How To Change The World': Tales of Marx and Marixism. Modern people have to read more than one book to answer questions in life or solve problems to better themselves and'/'or their societies.