Wednesday, March 23, 2011

M'sia officially takes side on unrest in Bahrain

Malaysia has officially taken side on the controversial security role of Saudi Arabia in Bahrain. It is also going to sign a 'security' agreement with the kingdom which is the regional and international rival of Iran. The White House is also critical of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain for their uncompromising responses to protestors. and also the deployment of Saudi Arabia-led foreign troops to Bahrain to quell domestic protests in the Shi'ite- majority state ruled by a Sunni monarch and his family. Many Bahrainis themselves have now opined that their ruler is only a puppet of Saudi Arabia whose troops he relies on for regime survival. According to a 'revelation' in an US diplomatic cable publicised by the WikiLeaks , the ruler of Saudi Arabia once privately urged the world's superpower to militarily attack Iran that is also Muslim -predominant. To roll back Iran by force is also an agenda of many hardline Zionists.

Malaysia & Saudi Arabia to seal 'security' pact


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