Tuesday, March 03, 2009

On form & substance of Perak State Assembly

The bureaucrats and cops in Perak who thought that by locking up the official building where the sittings of the State Assembly were usually held and blocking access to it is the most effective means to prevent the Emergency Meeting from being held. But, they have evidently not read the Standing Order. Above all, they have all failed pathetically to differentiate between form (eg. Cathedral of St. Basil in Moscow) and substance (eg. a public toilet in Warsaw where twelve pious Orthodox Christians gathered one day to pray in the manner of Eastern rituals).

Perak Speaker suspends his lawless secretary


Blogger sc said...

All the unnecessary disorders in Perak are results of Umno/BN tries to usurp power without daring the face the jugdement of the people. It is Umno/BN which has started it all. PR only tries to defend people's rights and dignity.

2:14 AM  

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