Tuesday, March 13, 2012

America & Europe in revolutionary upheavals

Actually, the French Revolution in 1789 happened after the 13 English colonies in North America declared themselves, 'in an armed struggle, independent and free from the English monarch in 1776. The historic declaration of independence of 'the United States of America through revolutionary struggle and French Revolution in 1789 then gave hope, inspiration and ideas to the people in South America to also fight for independence and freedom 'from the Spanish and Portugese empires. The emergence of modern West was complex and it certainly did not come into being as philosophical agreement reached over cafe chats. Knowledge in world history, 'West and East, 'serves to broaden minds and ensure that people are less gullible and susceptible to half-truths. Lessons from world history can be more fully absorbed by minds that can very quickly recognise the numerical difference between 100 and 10,000,000,000 and its impacts or consequences in real life on earth. The critical question for younger students of world history to ask and answer is: why did the revolutions as well as armed struggles occur in Europe and Americas when there was no Soviet Union (1917-1991)' or People's Republic of China yet '? Of equal importance is the question : how did the epoch-making revolts happen when there was no twitter, blog, facebook, webpage, mobile telephone, digital camera and TV '?