Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Translated books of West's literature in China

Translated books of Western literature have been available in China''s bookstores for a pretty long time. The list of authors includes, among many other, Charles Dickens, Victor Hugo, Miguel de Carvantes, Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, Alexander Pushkin and Leo Tolstoy. 'Victor Hugo is still very widely remembered in China because he condemned the looting and also eventual destruction of the old Summer Palace or Yuanmingyuan by Anglo'-'French troops in an armed incursion in 1860. Ostrovsky''s' How The Steel Was Tempered is still fairly widely known. Also, 'there are many books and other materials for working adults to learn languages, 'like English, 'French, 'German, 'Russian and Spanish. Visiting bookstores in China and observing the wide range of titles of books could yield some out'-of'-box insights into the changing society. Golf courses and 5-star hotels are almost the same all over the world.