Thursday, March 24, 2011

Debate on enforcement of Libyan no-fly zone

Now, there is a serious debate in Western capitals of what country or organisation is culturally and religiously legitimate to enforce the no -fly zone over Libya as called for by the Arab League and Organisation of Islamic Conference. A coalition of Saudi Arabia-led Gulf air forces, to be assisted by NATO advisers behind the scene , is not a bad idea. Moreover , Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states have enough money to finance the operation for a fairly long period of time, without adding pressure on Western economy, which is still facing severe challenges. It is certainly a historic opportunity for Saudi Arabia's ruling house to prove by deeds - not just rhetoric -. that it is the leader of the Arabs and that its armed forces is more useful and formidable than merely marching and rolling armoured vehicles into tiny Bahrain to suppress largely peaceful demonstrators , many of whom are women and girls.

M'sian response to Libya situation ambivalent


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