Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Saudi military "entry" into Bahrain disputable

With the open backing of foreign troops, the ruling family in Manama has declared a state of emergency. So , it can be expected that many Bahrainis would be detained without trial and 'subversive' publications banned, but it is not clear if it is operationally possible to tag 70 % of the population with tracking chips even if Saudi Arabia can pay for it. As the earthly sovereignty of Bahrain is now in dispute , Bahrainis on all sides of the political divide can feel free to "invite" their relatives, "friends and allies" into their country to assist them to 'restore order'. Other countries in the region that have relatives, "friends and allies", properties and/or socio-religious heritage to protect in Bahrain could also pour in their soldiers 'at the invitation' of some Bahrainis, as the ruling family in Saudi Arabia has clearly established the unmistakably controversial precedent for border -crossing intervention with forces.

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