Monday, April 25, 2011

'Devils' can't work in usefully occupied minds

After I arrived at Melbourne in early 1980s, I observed to my pleasant surprise that even many well -to-do parents made their children to do some income-earning works during school vacations, like distributing newspapers house-to-house in the neighbourhood. Likewise, I myself also worked in factories. to earn some money to buy books and settle bills. In fact, I had already started working at my family' s coffeeshop as young as eight years old, and by fifteen, my grandmother and also parents were confident enough. to allow me to deliver food and drink to buildings and houses where there were rogues as well as swindlers. ( From 1975 to 1980, I also joined the Boy Scouts, which imparted to me a sense of organisational life and some ideas of social discipline). Indeed , many forms of social experiences cannot be gained in books and movies, but only through real-life and productive works on earth. It is difficult for any 'devils' to open worshops in fully occupied minds.