Wednesday, April 08, 2009

CPM veteran Abu Samah (1926-2009) departs

Veteran of the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM), fighter of the anti-fascist and anti-colonial wars as well as maker of peace Abu Samah @ Sibar passed away at 5.00 am (Thailand) yesterday leaving behind his beloved wife and life-long comrade Siti Norkiah @ Minah. Abu Samah was laid to rest in accordance to Islamic traditions in Sungai Golok at 2.00 pm (Thailand). CPM veteran Abdullah C.D and fifty other friends and comrades attended the funeral to bid last farewell to Abu Samah.

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3:32 AM  
Blogger azman omar said...

takziah...gugurnya pejuang warisan bahaman...aki..perjuangan mu tetap cucu ingati.

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Blogger Unknown said...

takziah. Kemerdekaan tanahair seupama lembu punyu susu tetapi sabi punya nama.

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