Friday, April 22, 2011

Help kids to develop affection for good books

In the 1970's in downtown Ipoh , great parents and grandparents liked to consult or collaborate with school teachers they knew personally. to ensure that their loved ones are supplied with useful and entertaining reading materials. At the recommendation of her trusted friends, my grandmother brought translated and abridged-for-children editions of Don Quixote, A Tale of Two Cities and the likes for my reading. Dear grandmother also checked my school bags occasionally to find out if I keep undesirable materials , like pornographic booklets and/or 'gods-and-ghost' (superstitious) leaflets ( like those which claimed to know for sure that the 'end of the world' would happen on certain time and date), given to me by strangers or some socially irresponsible blokes in town , such as a very rich Dirty Old Man QQQ, who often travelled to Saigon ( now Ho Chi Minh City ) for 'fun' , although he had already married with one wife (and 3 children) and also kept two concubines.