Saturday, April 30, 2011

Learning lessons from Japan's tragic disasters

Undoubtedly, since 11 March this year, another world event which has become a serious concern of all Malaysians is the massive destruction caused by the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis in Japan. While most Malaysians deeply sympathise with the people of Japan and also admire their social discipline or stoic spirit in coping with deaths and destruction, we also try to learn some lessons from the nuclear crisis. Many street folks told me that they found the expertly views and also advices broadcasted by CCTV4 (Astro Channel 334)' "very useful" and "educational" for them who are Mandarin-educated and dialect-using. Like the MENA upheavals at that time, the large -scale tragedy which occurred in Japan was fast-moving and psychologically disorientating. The many lessons to be learned from the Middle East and Norh Africa as well as Japan are best discoursed rationally and without prejudice. There are always many nuances or subtleties in world-historic events. Adulthood is marked, among other features, by the mental capability to read news with a sense of proportion as well as to prioritise them.