Friday, April 08, 2011

Sectarian state in Bahrain prolongs instability

Reportedly, the continuing crackdown in Bahrain has turned it into an "island of fear" as even its hospitals have become targets of 'security' operations. It seems that Bahrain's Sunni-monopolised 'security' setup and forces, which include many foreign soldiers and policemen , have been motivated more by sectarian hubris than any rational as well as fair -minded concerns for security and law and order for all Bahrainis. It is very certain that, as long as the sectarian character of the state in Bahrain is not changed , instability in different forms will continue. A reformed state in Bahrain means, first and foremost, that the land is not ruled as a chapter of the Ridyadh-centered 'Sunni International', but a fully independent country with self -respect in terms of equality of domestic citizenship, territorial integrity and national sovereignty. It is certainly to the strategic interests of the West to press the ruler in Bahrain harder for political reform before the hearts and minds of at least 70% of Bahrainis, especially idealistic youth, are won by Iran.


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