Friday, May 23, 2008

Psychological aids for quake-traumatised kids

China does not seem to be only good at doing 'big and tangible things' like pouring 130,000 troops into quake-hit Sichuan within three days for the rescue and relief operations but also not too bad in providing 'small and intangible things' to children traumatised by the calamity. The communist government in China has also pledged to bury all the dead, take full care of all survivors and support all orphans until they have grown up and completed education at the post-secondary level. As I said earlier, given the proven resilience of the Chinese people in confronting natural disasters of all types throughout its very eventful history, hope would soon prevail again over despair, and the human energies for reconstruction, over all the destructive forces of nature.

To share sorrow & grief with people of China


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