Sunday, May 29, 2011

Responses of Saudi Arabia to MENA upheavals

The official responses' of Sauds' Arabia to the upheavals in the Middle East and North Africa so far have been documented by a report in the New York Times. Saudi Arabia's ruling class sees 'the Shi''ite'-majority and republican Iran as the geopolitical threat as well as sectarian foe. Whether Saudi Arabia''s 'firefighting' activities in the Middle East and North Africa would caused more problems for womenfolks and Shi'ites as well as other religious or sectarian minorities is, of course, a very important question to ask as well as vital issue to be followed closely. Meanwhile, 'according to a separate report in the Wall Street Journal, Sauds' Arabia has also been making official efforts to build and forge an' "informal" anti'-Iran alliance in South, Central and Southeast Asia. Reportedly, Saudi FM Prince Saud al'-Faisal al'-Saud met with Russian president Medvedev on 25' March in Moscow to discuss the situations in the Middle East and North Africa which had already been in motion.