Thursday, May 22, 2008

Indonesia' s Marxist Oey Hay Djeon dies at 84

Oey Hay Djeon, the full-text translator of German thinker Karl Marx's three-volume masterpiece Das Kapital and other theoretical writings into Indonesian language, died recently in Jakarta at 84 and he was laid to rest on May 19 (Monday). One of his old friends and comrades Suriani Abdullah nee Eng Ming Ching would like to express on public record her deep sympathy and condolence and those of her husband Abdullah CD as well as their children and grandchildren to the family of the deceased. Suriani, who now lives in southern Thailand, added: "As the first full-text Indonesian/Malay translator of Karl Marx's Das Kapital and many other writings, Oey Hay Djeon's contribution to the enrichment of intellectual thinking in the Indonesian/Malay-language world is certainly very great and his departure is a loss to all of us".

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