Monday, May 09, 2011

In appreciation of Christian churches in M' sia

Many Malaysians' who are' not Christians' also enjoy listening' to great Christian songs, such as' Amazing Grace and Pie Jesu, not because of any religious affiliation' or' spiritual affinity but simply for their great musical quality and cultural taste. Similarly, many are also grateful to churches which provided them with really sound and useful education. Missionary schools in Malaysia as well as the many Christian teachers have' contributed' tremendously to the transformation' of our country. Moreover, it is a reality that about 10 % of Malaysians are Christians. Inability, failure or refusal to fully understand the true history as well as contemporary reality of this multicultural land produces bigots and extremists' whose conspiracy 'theories' are clearly' detrimental' to the 'preservation' of social peace 'and also' achievement of national unity.