Friday, June 12, 2009

Coherent account on massacre at Batang Kali

The Massacre at Batang Kali in 1948 has been a well- known and long-running battle for factual truth and earthly accountability in Malaysia and Britain. Finally, there is now a well-researched and very coherent account of the happenings in the form of a new book, titled Slaughter and Deception at Batang Kali ( Singapore, Media Masters, 2008). The 228-page book is authored by two famous Singapore-based Australian veterans of journalism, namely Ian Ward and Norma Miraflor who are also the co-authors of the historic Alias Chin Peng: My Side of History ( Singapore, Media Masters, 2003 ). Mr. Ward also reported the riots on May 13 in 1969 from the ground in the turbulent Kuala Lumpur for the Daily Telegraph, a respectably conservative newspaper in Britain.