Thursday, June 05, 2008

Restoration of unity crucial for US Democrats

According to the BBC, "Hillary Clinton will withdraw from the race to become the Democratic candidate for the US presidency, and back her rival Barack Obama". The factional bitterness among Democrats themselves during the long primary slug-out between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have certainly to be healed quickly to rebuild the party's collective morale and unity of purpose to confront a common enemy in the form of McCain and his Republican Party whose appeal to the average voters in US must never, given the sense of insecurity bedevilling America in the fluid strategic landscape of the world, be under-estimated. Remember Bush's 2004 re-election amid seemingly widespread opposition to his foreign and national security strategy ? Who can better lead the United States and protect it in a "dangerous" post-9/11 world is certainly one of the major questions in the minds of many Americans when they are making up their minds in the next several months on whether to cast their votes for Obama or McCain.

US presidential election enters slug-out stage


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