Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dr Rais: gambling is non-Muslims' "way of life"

Information , Communication and Culture Minister Dr. Rais Yatim has been reported as arguing that gambling is non-Muslims ' "way of life", which should be " respected " by all Muslims in a multi-ethnic society. Very soon, we would probably hear the artful sophistry (for Americans' and Europeans' consumption) that UMNO's Muslims are 'moderate' and 'tolerant' because they accept legalised sport betting for non-Muslims and this makes them different from the ' extremists ' in PAS and PKR. By the way, if and when the 'Gaming Commission' proposed by Rais is established, the possibility of ex -IGP Hanif Omar being appointed as a Commissioner or even the Chairman cannot be dismissed as a joke as there are not many ' moderate' Muslims nowadays in Malaysia who also master the trade for the services of Bangsa, Negara and Agama.

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