Sunday, June 22, 2008

Iran dismisses threat of Israel's military strike

Reiterating its rejection of suspending uranium enrichment, Iran has also said that it considers a military attack on its nuclear facilities by Israel as "impossible". In 1981, Israel launched a surgical strike under Operation Opera to destroy the Osirak nuclear reactor in Iraq before it was loaded with nuclear fuel. Operation Opera, which is also known as Operation Babylon, was, like it or hate it, an operational success.

Russia, IAEA oppose Israeli strike against Iran


Blogger Monsterball said...

From a purely military point of view, it is definitely not impossible.
Much of Iran is beyond the reach Israel's strike aircraft like F-15 and F-16, but look again at the current political geography.
Modern strike aircraft have almost unlimited range with mid-air refuelling. The pilots can wear "Adult Diapers"..hahaha..All it takes is for Jordan to be persuaded to "look the other way". Iraqi airspace is under US control. Once refuelled from the Iraq border, most of Iran is within range of the F-15.

Iran has decentralised most of its bomb-related nuclear facilities. No one air strike will be able to take all of them out. The key is for Israel to make an accurate guess which targets are the most critical and make sure those are destroyed. Some facilities can be hidden in any one of thousands of mid-sized factory or warehouse building. But the key uranium enrichment buildings are huge, impossible to hide from satellites.

The rest of the practicality issue is more of geopolitics.

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