Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dr. Rais urged to apologise to US government

Former US ambassador to Malaysia John Malott has written publicly to ask Rais Yatim to apologise for his allegation that Anwar Ibrahim is a "CIA agent". Mr Malott served in KL from 25 Jan 1996 to 30 Dec 1998. When PM Najib Razak visited Washington in April this year, Rais was made the acting Foreign Minister on the Malaysian delegation to USA. Rais, who voiced support for the legalisation of sport bettting against widespread opposition , was widely criticised by Malaysians for saying that gambling is non-Muslims ' 'way of life' , which must be 'respected' by the Umno-dominated ruling coalition in Muslim -majority Malaysia.

CNN responds to allegation by DPM Muhyiddin