Monday, July 21, 2008

Seeking historical justice in British law court

The descendants of the 24 victims of the 1948 Batang Kali Massacre have entrusted four voluntary lawyers to fight for "historical justice" for their ancestors. The 4 Malaysian lawyers are (from left) Leon Lu, Ngeow Yin Ngee, Datuk Dominique Puthucheary and Quek Ngee Meng. According to Puthucheary, there are a number "good" Britons who are willing to help and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) actually produced and screened a documentary on the massacre in Batang Kali called In Cold Blood several years ago to preserve a historical outline. Meanwhile, Quek Ngee Meng alleged at a press conference today that a British dossier on the case stored at the Public Record Office in Kew "for years" (FILE DEFE70/101) has been "removed" by the Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom in or after March last year when the decision of the descendants of the Batang Kali Massacre victims to sue the British Government for compensation was first made public.

Chin Peng to battle on for homecoming right


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