Saturday, August 23, 2008

Greeting veterans of DAP with reminiscences

At the opening of DAP's convention this morning in KL, I also catched up with other veterans such as Dr. Chen Man Hin (left) and also Choo Kiang Siong (right). Dr. Chen, a medical doctor and the party's former MP for Seremban as well as its ex-Chairman, is the eldest veteran of the party who is respected by leaders and members of all age groups, while Choo Kiang Siang served as DAP's State Assemblyman for Malim Nawar in Perak when I was the DAP MP for Kampar. It was Choo Kiang Siang who imparted to me the many field survival skills in real-world politics in semi-rural areas, including visiting wet markets, attending funeral services as well as singing karaoke songs at wedding dinners to keep our "fish-and-water" relations with the people or lao bai xin. Kiang Siang is also a passionate singer of old-time Hakka folk songs.

Rendezvous with two DAP founding veterans


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