Monday, October 05, 2009

UK army chief for more troops in Afghanistan

The new head of UK's Army General Sir David Richards has reportedly backed calls for more international troops to be sent for Afghanistan. He also warned that delay in putting more boots on the ground would cost more lives, risk huge strategic failure and "embolden" Al Qaeda with "terrifying" results. Meanwhile, the debate on what to do next is still going on in Washington D.C. The United Kingdom is a key ally of the United States in the war in Afghanistan, launched on 7 Oct, 2001.

American debate on Afghanistan still ongoing


Blogger Tao Dao Man said...

it will be interesting to see if tony blair becomes the president of the european union. england and the u.s.a. want their share of pipelineistan. NATO is being tested, they have become the mercenaries for further colonization.

8:18 PM  

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