Sunday, October 23, 2011

Thomas Paine' s 'Common Sense' as great idea

One of Thomas Paine's' famous essays Common Sense is now included in Penguin Books' popular Great Ideas Series, which are not banned in Malaysia. 'Unlike Sam Harris whose books are also readily available in Malaysia, 'Thomas Paine was clearly not a faithless atheist. 'However, 'he criticized institutionized religion like historian Edward Gibbon did. Gibbon (1737'-1794) died 153 years before the onset of the Cold War, or 123 years before the outbreak of the October Revolution in Russia. For the country to mature and progress, youths and teens in Malaysia should be encouraged to discourse and debate on world-historic ideas and also discouraged 'from being obssessed with sex stories or ghost. Adults too must learn how to criticise without shouting or yelling '#%!.