Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Legend of Rashid Maidin (1917-2006) lives on

Pak Rashid Maidin (1917-2006) has left behind a short autobiography which offers an alternative narrative, from his personal experiences in life, of the modern history of our country. In one of his last public statements, he thanked the party for transforming and trusting him. When I met him in early 2005, Pak Rashid still cherished the memory of anti-colonial martyrs such as S.A. Ganapathy and P. Veeraseenan; and in his autobiography published shortly before his passing in 2006, he also paid personal tribute to his mentor and friend, Toh Lung San who brought him into the CPM and who was martyred in Ipoh in 1943.

Makcik Minah now enjoys feeding fish in pond


Blogger Major D Swami (Retired) said...

We fought Rashid Maiidin's 10th Regt in the jungles of Gua Musang. The last member of his regiment killed by us was Ho Pak a DCM


5:54 PM  
Blogger James Wong Wing-On said...

the killings were long over. there are other dimesions and meanings of things.

2:14 AM  
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