Thursday, December 09, 2010

(RIP) Farewell to fellow ex-MP Fan Yew Teng

It is sad for me to have heard that Fan Yew Teng, another ex -MP for Kampar , a personal friend and a fellow Perakian, has passed away in Bangkok at 68. It was Yew Teng's very stirring speeches in Cantonese in the 1970s in downtown Ipoh that first put the fire into my belly. In my memory, Yew Teng is not only an inspiring public speaker but also a fervent reader of a wide range of quality books as well as a prolific writer in high-standard English with a cosmoplitan or internationalist outlook and a very deep organic root in the Kinta Valley and our folks. Meanwhile , allow me to extend my condolence to Yew Teng' s family.

Farewell to Dr. Chandran Mohandas Jeshurun


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