Friday, December 03, 2010

Kuwait officially decries WikiLeaks as "a plot"

Sheikh Sabah Ahmed al-Sabah, the Emir of Kuwait, has been reported by Iran's semi-official English-language media Press TV as saying that WikiLeaks' unauthorized released of USA' diplomatic cables which has also infuriated the USA itself, is "a plot". Among other 'stories' in the WikiLeaks, Kuwait' s Interior Minister Sheikh Jaber al-Khalid al-Sabah is reported to have suggeted to the US that Guantanamo detainees to be sent by the US authorities to Afghanistan and 'be killed in combat'. Kuwait was freed from the occupation of Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq by an America-led coalition of United Nations ' forces in 1991-92. Like Saudi Arabia , Kuwait is also reported in the leaked US cables to have urged the United States to militarily attack their neighbour Iran. Needless to say, Saudi Arabia has already officially denied that claim.

WikiLeaks also very noteworthy in South Asia