Thursday, December 06, 2007

Rafidah Aziz chews out Sharanya Manivannan

According to a news report in The Star, Umno's women wing chief and Malaysia's Minister of International Trade and Industry Rafidah Aziz was reported as expressing "shock" at the allegation of "apartheid" in Malaysia made by a bilingual Indian poet Sharanya Manivannan, who has the personal experience of living in Malaysia for seventeen years, in the Mumbai-based English newspaper Daily News & Analysis (DNA). Following the publication of the personal interview in DNA on Nov 28 (Wed), Sharanya Manivannan also penned The Malaysian Apartheid for publication in south India's New Indian Express on Dec 4 (Tues).

Indian gov't officially summons M' sian envoy

5000-year Indian history & culture in nutshell


Blogger Monsterball said...

The Malaysian government has very little experience with engaging newsmedia which it does not control. All the time it reacts to news it doesn't like by arresting people, threatening to(or actually ) ban newspapers, directing controlled media to print half-truths or downright lies.
Its going to have to learn how to debate or refute negative news with logic and information very fast. Zam (and the rest of the goons) cannot win this with their usual toolbox.

9:29 PM  
Blogger James Wong Wing-On said...

and Wren & Martin from India for ZAMS .... :)

2:30 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

With all this crap and spins in the local media, it seems like our ruling elite had already bankrupt of ideas and on the defensive in every turn.

Like the saying goes, the only thing that don't change in this world is change itself. And if the ruling party doesn't "read the wind" and don't change or change fast enough, they're gonna be history very, very soon.

I'm also came from Clare Street but it's really, really sad to see some other name on it these days. It's like they used a rusted knife and tore away a part of my life's history when they change the name...

10:35 PM  

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