Friday, December 03, 2010

WikiLeaks also very noteworthy in South Asia

Besides West Asia (@ the Middle East) , the other politically sensitive region where the WikiLeaks ' unauthorized release of USA ' diplomatic cables could lead to unintended consequences is doubtlessly Pakistan-India. The rivalry between the two South Asian countries are certainly well -known and both are armed with nuclear missiles whilst they also suspect each other of causing 'troubles' in their respective territories. Many ordinary persons in India and Pakistan of all political affiliations are English-literate and also able to have free access to online media. Fairly unlike Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Middle East , the traditional and also mainstream media in both India and Pakistan are fairly free and critical in the presentation of political news and views. However, quite like the Middle East, South Asia is also fertile land of 'conspiracy theories' in domestic politics and /or international affairs.

Yemen officially reacts to WikiLeaks' 'stories'