Friday, December 16, 2011

Great book from S' pore on Sikh communities

Nowadays, institutions of tertiary learning in Singapore publish many quality books based on scholarly research. One latest one is certainly Sikhs in South East Asia: Negotiating An Identity '(''Singapore, 'ISEAS, 2011 ). It is edited by UKM's Shamsul A.B. and ISEAS' Arunajeet Kaur. It is best read in the larger context provided by 'The Encyclopedia of The Indian Diaspora, 'edited by B. V. 'Lal, 'P. Reeves and Rajesh 'Raj, as Sikhism has its 'root' in a region once reigned as British India and now divided into two sovereign countries, namely India and Pakistan. These books contribute to inter-cultural understanding in our society and the history of the modern world shaped by many forces on earth, particularly the global expansion of the capitalist mode of production as a result of the Industrial Revolution in England in the 18th century.