Tuesday, December 14, 2010

WikiLeaks' 'stories' strain M'sian-S'porean ties

While Singapore insists that the relations with its neighbours are still "robust" and "strong", Malaysia has summoned its High Commissioner in Kuala Lumpur and officially given him a note of diplomatic protest. Many leaders and activists on the other side of the partisan divide in Malaysia are also not happy with MM Lee Kuan Yew' s 'story' on Anwar. However, Malaysian politicians on both sides will certainly attempt to search for 'stories' in the leaked USA diplomatic cables to attack their opponents on the other side with different spins for different groups. On the people-to-people level, Malaysians and Singaporeans continue to be family members, relatives , business partners and work mates. Personal friendship among many Malaysians and Singaporeans would certainly not be adversely affected by any twists and turns in politics.

WikiLeaks hit Down South with more 'stories'