Saturday, November 19, 2005

No Islamophobia, no Melayophobia

When I arrived at Gopeng very early in the morning on the nomination day, I met Pakcik Harun at a warung. He was enjoying macam biasa his kopi-o kow-kow and roti bakar.

The retired government official has always been a PAS supporter and I know him as early as 1991 when her granddaughter needed me to be her referee to apply for a clerical job in a Chinese company in Ipoh. I know the boss well and Siti got the job.

Pakcik Harun then briefed me on the lattest local situation and development, and introduced me to all the local young men at his command. He said he was too old to move around anymore and asked all his budak-budak to follow me around and obey my order.