Thursday, November 17, 2005

Updating, upgrading & timeless wisdom

Of course, while looking back sometimes, I am also looking forward to the future from the present. That is why nowadays, I am using handphone-cum-camera, laptop, scanner, digital voice recorder and other devices to do my works.

Certainly, I have to learn new tricks but I also always constantly remind myself that the core area of my competance is no IT, but politics, humanities and social sciences. I use IT when I really need it. IT is not allowed to use or enslave me. I also never try to compete vaingloriously with real IT sifu.

Also, I call the real experts in IT sifu even he or she may be just a 19 year old kids.

To tell the truth, I met Alvin Toffler before when he visited Kuala Lumpur in the early 1990s. The books authored by him and his wife Heidi like Future Shock (1970), Third Wave (1980), Powershift, Creating a New Civilisation (1990) and War and Anti-war (1993), etc are, I think, still worth reading for our civil servants and ruling politicians, especially those in the Ministry of 'Information'.

These still relevant books are still available in major bookshops like Kuala Lumpur's Kinokuniya or MPH in the MId Valley shopping mall.

However, since I had alread finished reading all these Alvin & Heidi Tofflers' classics as early as 1994, I am now reversing a bit to read Thucydides' History of the Peloponnesian War to gain some timeless wisdoms about human affairs from the Western perspectives.

The best classic I truly enjoy reading again and again is, nevertheless, Charles Dickens' The Life of Our Lord.

It is a very good reading to prepare for the Christmas.

X'mas is not for mindless shopping and hedonistic partying, or capitalist promotion of goods and services, or any politicians' public relations or propaganda exercises.

Christmas is the day for Christians to remember the birth of Lord Jesus Christ (or Yesus Kristus or Nabi Isa) and all its meanings and messages of Faith, Hope and Love.


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